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Posted : 18 May ,2015 by    velazque



I received a text message from a 310 (California) area code (I live in Pennsylvania) on January 15, 2014 saying that "my name and cell phone number was listed on this site because I had solicited online for prostitution". After following the link in the text message, sure enough, my name, cell number and a photo pending was listed. I was astounded since I do not engage in solicitation of prostitutes online nor in person. I clicked the "remove link" and I was taken to a payment page where the payments range from $200-$600, and it only says that they will "investigate". There is no contact information that I was able to find. I sent them an email requesting information and have not received such. I am not sure how they acquired my name and number but regardless the allegations are false and defamatory. I have yet to give them payment and was advised by my legal team not to. I researched further about the company and found that several complaints have been filed for false allegations.


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