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Posted : 26 Jul ,2012 by    brenton 42



I was shopping for insurance. I spent a lot of time on the phone with a rep, and she said she would email me the quote, rather than just tell me the price right then. When I opened my email, rather than finding a one page, easy to read email, I was accosted with a barrage of additional links, and complex hurdles that required additional input, and even more effort than I am now putting into this complaint. I still do not know the many dollars that I could have saved, neither do I care any longer! Progressive, I am sorry I ever doubted you. Even this complaint form is difficult and lengthy. Do you want a free gift of customer feedback or not? Don't you people know that only a very small portion of disgruntled customers will ever speak up? I will tell everyone I know not to bother with Esurance.


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