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Esley is a narcissistic sociopath. He's a control freak, a horrible boss, and a dishonest person. Don't date him and don't ever work for him.

Esley Hall at Performance Contracting Inc. is one of the worst employers ever! He cheats people out of money. He overprices jobs to other places. And he steals from his own employees, by ripping them off out of hours, per diem, travel...etc. He's "saving the company", yet he's pocketing all that money himself with his big bonus checks that he gets at the end of the year.

Esley never hires qualified people to work for him. He intentionally hires losers; the unintelligent and the easily addicted. He hires high school dropouts, alcoholics, ex criminals, pill poppers, ex military with bad conduct or dishonorable discharges, people with depression and personality disorders, and low IQ, illiterate morons. Esley Hall wants workers who are smart enough to be trained to do their jobs, but not smart enough to figure out they work for a thieving tyrant, for lousy pay with hardly any benefits. Esley knows that such morons will never advance and take his job away from him.

Esley Hall is a short, old grandfather who has nothing else going for him, except that he has money now, for being so crooked, these past 20 years. He has a nice house with motorcycles and a boat. Esley uses his toys to impress women. He hires attractive, gold digging women to work for him. Esley ruined one marriage when a woman he hired left her husband to be with him. She was only married to her husband for six months! Esley also screws around with dirty Elise Brown from PCI. She is also married. Both she and her husband, David work for Esley Hall/PCI Knoxville. David is a cuckold who gave Esley the green light on his wife, Elise. David Brown probably watches them in bed together, while he beats his meat to it!

Esley has a son, named Hunter, who is a loser. Esley blames his ex-wife for their son being so lazy and pathetic. He even accuses his ex-wife of molesting their son, which may not even be true at all. Esley just doesn't want other people to think that he may be responsible for his son growing up to be a useless, drug addicted, drunk driving, piece of shit!

Esley's blatant arrogance has gotten him into more than one confrontation with workers, former employees, and other people. He has been known to lock himself in his office and call the cops, when this happens. Yes, he is that much of a coward! Esley has his idiot friends working at the same place as salary-paid informers and security guards. So, they let him know "ahead of time", if anybody has an issue with him.

If corporate finally wises up and fires this scumbag, don't hire him; especially as a boss. You will end up having disgruntled employees who are getting gypped out of their paychecks, while he buys himself yet another motorcycle, with all the extra money he has scammed and pocketed for himself!


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