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Posted : 1 May ,2014 by    SilentGirl



I dated Eman West for a year when I wanted to break up with him in Septenber 2013 he said he would post pics of me online so I stayed with him until December 2013 cause I was afraid that he would. In December I reached the point that I didn't care anymore and broke up with him anyway. When we were together I was not allowed to have friends, he would beat on me he sais he knew how to beat a woman where it wouldn't leave bruises by punching them in places that it couldn't be seen or in places that didn't leave bruises like in the stomach. After I broke up with him he would threaten me every chance he got, 1 day some people over heard him and reported it to the office at school and he got in trouble all that did was make it worse eventually he did post the pictures but he lost his hold and power over me after that cause there is nothing left he can do to hurt me with, I had to get a protective order against him cause he was always stalking and harrassing me. We've caught him looking in our windows at night, circling our house and even sending things in the mail.He said he wanted everything back that he had ever bought me so I gave him his shit back most of the junk it brought over no one would have wanted anyway. He has been stalking me since December so to anyone that gets involved with him don't trust him and be very careful cause he is very abusive. He is very nice when you meet him but as things go on you realize he is not the person you think he is. Everyone cause me a lair and always say that he is the nicest guy they have ever met but that is what I thought at 1st to, he is very good at keeping his true nature hidden from most people.


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