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Posted : 17 Apr ,2014 by    Alice Matterday



Eman West is a pedophile and is known to frequent the New Albany,Indiana area,Louisville, Kentucky and Columbus, Ohio.He is very fond of boys and will try to befriend them by playing kid games with them. He will run around with them playing guns and with cars and such. He always gets by with it from threatening and intimadating and stalking them. His family always buys his way out of trouble. He is in a band called Method of Madness just to attract little kids, he even walks around with a quitar, even a toy sword sometimes.


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  Apr 17, 2014 By     Billy Cows

Attitude : Neutral

What state and city is this pedophile from?

  Apr 18, 2014 By     yuzukireysam

Attitude : Agree

Please Disregard This Complaint : The Complainer is no more than His Ex Girlfriend who was dumped due to the fact she cheated on him :She Has Been Harassing him to the point of miscomfort : friends and school And his local community can support the fact that he is not a phedophile : From personal Experiance the family does not give 2 shits about him his step head nor mom (sorry eman): He Has Clean records No rape or Attempted rape or stalking or any sorts

-Yuzuki Kasumi

  Apr 18, 2014 By     yuzukireysam

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Please disregard this complaint
1: this complaint is from his Girlfriend who he dumped because she cheated in him

2: Eman being a phedophile is misunderstood If you ask the local community ,school and his neighborhood they will be surprised and support that this complaint is invalid

3: he has a clean record no stalking,sexual affence,rape,attempt rape ,

4: last time I checked he doesn't own a gun nor does he get support from family

5: she clearly States that this will be fun to mess up his life

6:A heavy metal band that plays in local bars is not the best way to attract little boys

7: The poster Shall receive legal charges I'm affence to eman west : pretty sure they don't have proof soooo....

  Apr 26, 2014 By     AllYoursSlore

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That's messed up if you are falsely accusing this guy of being a pedophile.

  May 1, 2014 By     SilentGirl

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  May 1, 2014 By     SilentGirl

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  May 1, 2014 By     SilentGirl

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  Jul 6, 2014 By     shewhoanswers

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False Libel To an Individual Who's ex just wants to ruin his life!

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