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Posted : 7 Dec ,2017 by    matthewsmithbnpparibas



Elliot Brewer from the UK , blogger of "NHTG - Finance and business blog" , which Elliot Brewer claimed to be " your first port call for learning all about finance and business" but is in reality filled with lies and misinformation.
In fact, Elliot Brewer is actually promoting scams and frauds in his articles.
In his blog , you can see the photo of a man with a beard, who is supposed to be "Elliot Brewer" but in reality, he got that picture from the website pixabay.
See here, Ok, you can use the pictures posted on pixabay free of rights , but the first obvious lie is that Elliot Brewer is a so called blogger who hides his real identity. He is using the pictures of a man called Kai Trulsen , from Norway.
Maybe Elliot Brewer is just a super guy who prefers to use another man's pictures.
In his article " Why Professional Financial Management Is Essential For Businesses ", Elliot Brewer publishes again lot of false informations, lies and frauds.
I quote his article "When it comes to investing any moneys your business holds and isn t using, it s vital that you speak to someone that specialises in investment like a financial advisor who knows what they re talking about and can give you impartial and informative advice about where the money should go for the best return. Matthew Smith at BNP Paribas, an asset management expert with nearly ten years experience in investment banking, is the sort of specialist you should look to if you need advice about managing your investments."
Utter bullshits !! I know the guy he calls " Matthew Smith BNP Paribas" and he is not a financial advisor.
Well to make it clear, the guy that calls himself Matthew Smith BNP Paribas is actually just called Matthew Smith , or Matthew John Smith if you want his full name.
BNP Paribas is not a part of his family, it is a company name, a French Bank to be precise, and Matthew Smith just happens to work and not even at a high ranking position.
Matthew Smith began setting up tons of profiles calling himself Matthew Smith BNP Paribas and even a website in order to hide the posts that expose him for he really is: a pathological liar, a racist, a whoremonger , a cheater, a pervert and a creep .
Matthew Smith did not set up a blog to inform people about investments or anything. It was only to hide the truth about on Google results ! Do not belive a word that comes out of his mouth! He is a LIAR !
His ex girlfriend of 4 years found out that Matthew Smith was cheating on her with shemales and shemales escorts , particularly Asian transgenders because of his obsession on Asians.
Matthew Smith was lying to her the whole and lying the girls and ladyboys he was meeting up on dating sites and dodgy prostitutes websites, telling every girl/ ladyboy he d meet that he was single and looking for a serious relationship when he was just using them for sex. Matthew Smith also left his job at JP Morgan Chase in 2014 for the sole purpose of going on sexual tourism trip in Asia with 2 of his friends. (Thailand is popular among pedophiles and whoremongers !)
Matthew Smith also sent by mistake an email to all his contacts where he was booking appointment with prostitutes from the massage parlour Londonbody2body which happens to be an Asian brothel
That's the reason why Matthew Smith set up a website and tons of social medias profiles calling himself " Matthew Smith BNP Paribas", to hide the truth about himself.
He does not have any rights to do so by the way, as he is using the name of the company BNP Paribas without their permission. This is called Trademark infringement.
Matthew Smith has never been a financial advisor, how could he advise anyone about investment and finance when he is broke, has no money. Matthew Smith is a 37 years old loser who has no car, no house, he rents a tiny bedroom in Clapham in a disgusting houseshare for less than 400 per months. He only owns 2 pants full of brown skidmarks because he craps himself all the time.
I guess that makes so called blogger Elliot Brewer and Matthew Smith similar, both are fake, fraudster and scammer !


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