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Posted : 21 Jul ,2014 by    gebeer



I asked if I could get my tuna on the side of the sandwich and was told that Dunkin Donuts cannot do that. I said "cannot?, why?" This simple request turned into a major argument between me, the store manager,and the clerk debating what is a code violation and how they cannot put the tuna on the side. I told them that I frequent Panera who puts my Lobster roll content on the side all the time - are they also in volition of health codes?

After refusing to give me the store number so I can contact corporate about the horrible service and attitudes of these employees, I took the manager's picture to use as a reference for my letter to corporate. She immediately flipped out and called the police saying it was against the law to take her picture. Yes, she called the police!

I had no choice but now wait for the police who responded in 20 minutes. She immediately ranted and exaggerated to the police on how disruptive I was and all the swearing that I did and she had no choice but to call the police because I took her picture. The officer informed her that there is no law to take someone's picture. She argued with him for a few minutes regarding this law and he then told me I could leave.

I did an immediate follow-up with an email to the corporate office who responded with an auto reply that they were sorry for an issue and hoped that I would come back again. I figured that was the end of that.

Today - three days later - I received the following message from the district manager:

"Thank you for taking time and writing to us, the store manager was right not serving you Tuna on the side. we can not serve the tuna salad on the side because it need to be heated at the high temperature before it is served, This is a food safety issue.
As far as calling the police we have Voice activated cameras and I have reviewed the recording you where quite abusive and using bad language disturbing our other customer and that is why they had to call the police."

What an outrage! So, I responded with this message:

"I am sorry to disagree with your assessment - but that is incorrect - there was no foul language and your representative was very abusive to me and even more disturbing wasted the police officer's valuable time to address an non-issue by her over-reacting and saying that I was breaking the law, when in fact I had done no such thing. I suggest you fully review the tape before accusing me of such behavior.

I don't appreciate your insinuating that the police were required due to my language and disruption - that was not at all the case. There was no arrest or paperwork even done by the police officer to substantiate your accusation and your accusing me of this is very inapprorate. I am quite frankly shocked to have received such a poorly written, ill-informed, and unprofessional response to my concern at your store.

I don't appreciate your highly unprofessional and inappropriate follow-up - is this really how you want your store and Dunkin Donuts Corporation to be represented?

I am so sorry that I ever came to your store, and will never ever return to any of the Dunkin Donuts stores and will advise my friends to also do the same."

We will see if Dunkin Donuts decides to respond again....for what purpose.... I am not quite clear.

Dunkin Donuts (Headquarters)
130 Royall StCanton, MA


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