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Posted : 24 Nov ,2017 by    wowziewoo



Elena s cats are beautiful, with gorgeous markings and unusual colors. But the emotional pain that came along with seeing our beautiful young kitty die from a preventable virus that he picked up from that cattery was not worth it.

We purchased an expensive Maine Coon kitten in August 2016. He died last week (Nov. 2017) from feline leukemia, a contagious virus that he could only have contracted at the Dream Coons cattery. My other two Maine Coons have tested negative.

When I contacted Elena, the breeder, she claimed to not have any idea about the virus and she said she would read about it". Which means there is zero effort being made on the part of her cattery to identify, prevent and eliminate the virus. They are ignorant to it. She said they ve never had a case of FeLV and that she d have to talk with her vet.

I am now concerned that our sweet little dead infected kitten may have infected my other two cats, and we face the possibility that we may lose all three cats to the virus as a result as they sit through the unknown incubation period.

My fault for not being a better educated consumer. If we ever get another kitten again, I'm going to insist that it be from a breeder who regularly tests all their cats for this virus.


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