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Posted : 2 Feb ,2013 by    concernedmother



I am writing this as a very concerned mother of a daughter who was diagnosed with Mental Retardation and Bi-Polar and Schizophrenia. She has been a patient of this physician for a while and has had numerous problems relating to the drugs that Dr. Beth E. Duvall, MD is pushing onto her, and has turned her into an addict and a prescription junkie. She has been in and out of hospitals such as Miami Valley Hospital, sometimes twice a week, for overdose. She has also been put into mental institutions,twice in the period of one year. A Dayton Police officer asked her husband why she was on these four types of very serious medications. She is also selling these drugs, to try and get money. Why is this physician being allowed to distribute these types of heavy drugs, to the wrong individuals, such as my daughter? Instead, she is lining her pocket book with the windfalls of these pharmaceutical sells. This is an increasingly huge problem, not only in this area, but, all over this country. This appears to be a pill mill that this doctor is getting rich from, and in the mean time, people are and having their lives destroyed and ruined, when they should be being gradually taken off of these narcotics and sent to rehab for recovery.On many occasions, my daughter went to Miami Valley Hospital for being sick, after she ran out of her scripts,from her abusing them. She was selling them and using them, in an abusive manner.That doctor, however, did catch on to her and warned her that she was only coming there for a fix ,and that it was not going to work, any more. My daughter has never hurt anyone and she needs to be helped and not further hurt by this drug problem. The Police have been called numerous times on her for stabbing her husband and for many suicide attempts. How can these drugs be helping her when all of this is taking place, because of these drugs? Her Schizophrenia will start and she believes that she is a fifteen year old girl. She dresses like a fifteen year old girl and has delusions that her husband has raped her and tried to kill. The Police don t believe her story and are aware of her mental condition. This is why I wanted to report this to Complaints Bureau, in the event that something would happen, such as her passing away or becoming comatose, or whatever. I want this to be documented and made known to the public. If something ever does happen, I want it to be known that I spoke up and told what was going on and what the problem is with my daughter. Another fact ,I will mention, is that her own children will not have anything to do with her, because of her condition. She has never seen her grandchildren, ever since they have been born. Her first husband divorced her, because of her mental illness. Her current husband moves out every week and moves in with his daughter and son-in-law. He moves back as soon as she gets her prescriptions filled. This is how this doctor works: you will go there with one problem and she will prescribe to you a drug that is supposed to work, but in reality, causes other problems. You will go back for your next visit, with complaints about the side-effects of that medication. She will keep you on that one and then prescribe something else to help the symptoms of the what the first drug has caused. Before long, you find yourself hooked on these drugs and taking and having regular prescriptions of not one, but, numerous different medications, and not one of them actually helping you, but, only numbing your sense enough for you not to care about what is actually wrong with you, in the first place. For the last fourteen years, every apartment and house that she has rented, she has been evicted from. She tears up the property and/or will not pay the rent. She has been in the homeless shelter for a year now. The government has put her in a low-income apartment that she has damaged the bedroom walls in. I don t yet know what is going to happen here. Will she be evicted, once again? I would not recommend this doctor to anyone, because of the damage that she has caused my daughter. This doctor obviously doesn't care about people, only money! Don t believe her Phoney reviews at she writes for herself. You be the judge as to whether or not any common sense was applied, when prescribing these, to an already heavily problemed patient.

This is the list of the drugs that this doctor has prescribed to my daughter:


Here is photo of Dr. Beth Duvall, MD

Dr. Beth E. Duvall, MD
South Town Family Practice
Kettering Medical Center
Miami Valley Hospital
Middletown Regional Hospital
Childrens Medical Center
6611 Clyo Rd Centerville, OH 45459
(937) 208-7300
My daughter name: Catherine Miller


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