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I bought a car at a premium price. Three (2) months later the motor went out. I now have to buy a car. I recently purchased a 2007 roughly 3 months ago. I was sold on the fact that this was a "great" car. That the car would last me a long time. I spent about $7900.00 on this "great" car. Now the car is in the shop, and needs a new motor. I will now have to spend an additional $2000-$4000 on this "great" car Auto Center sold me. I am newly married, and i spent all of my money on this car. I can not spend even more on this care that i was told would last me years...not 3 months. I took the car to a local dealer/service department for the recalls (you guys failed to do) that needed to be fixed. Prior to taking the car to ****** the cars check engine light suddenly came on and a horribly loud rattle in the engine (like a loose piston). I was told by one of your sells men that the recalls would not be an issue to fix nor would it hinder the car. Subaru informed me that the recalls were done, but there was still an issue with the car. Subaru informed me that there was a miss fire in cylinder one (reason for the check engine light). I told them I would pick the car up and take it to a local auto shop to get and second diagnosis. After leaving the car still had a horribly loud rattle in the engine. I drove roughly 5 miles from the shop and the car completely died in the middle of the road. The car would not start and I had to call a tow truck to carry my car to the auto shop (another expense). After further diagnosis, local shop believes "one of the rod bearings or wrist pin has come loose". In other words the motor is completely ruined. The shop is not quite sure the motor can even be re-built and a used motor is roughly $2500 + labor to swap both engines. I have had this car for 3 months and have only put 2300 miles on the car since I have had it.

Doug Justus Auto Center
872 Mimosa Heights Drive,
Louisville, TN 37777
Phone: (865) 573-3883
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