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Posted : 19 Dec ,2013 by    Teex



Around October 23, 2012 I took my Ford F 350 Diesel pickup truck to Valley Ford Truck for an oil leak repair. They kept it for a few days to make sure they had all the leaks sealed. They let me know that it was an oil pan gasket and a rear main seal. In order to do that the motor has to be removed from the vehicle. About a week later I got my truck back and began noticing problems. It would not start properly, the oil drain plug (which they replaced/repaired three times) was leaking. I crawled under the truck to make sure the oil drain plug was secured and I noticed that my transmission pan was crushed. I used to get over two weeks of driving on one tank of fuel before taking my truck to Valley Ford Truck. I now only get four days under the same use. In total, they had my truck for close to a month trying to fix mistakes they made. The truck still leaks oil and is now keeping me from making a living. They are claiming no fault. They told me that all my injectors are bad and need replaced. I got a second opinion from another reputable Ford dealer who says that all of my fuel injectors are fine. Before taking my truck to Valley Ford my truck ran fine and was able to tow enclosed trailers and now the truck will not tow a 25 foot boat. They may have also damaged the turbo and possibly the waste gate. I have paperwork from Valley Ford as well as the other Ford dealer from whom I received the second opinion. I have all of the documentation available upon request. There are several pieces which exceeds the file size capabilities of this form. I do not feel comfortable in their ability to repair whatever they messed up and would like a refund which will go toward paying the other Ford dealer (that I went to for the second opinion), and they won't see me anymore.


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