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Posted : 8 May ,2014 by    Shawn Howell



I ordered a domain from "Wade Smith" at from the website . There was domain name that i wanted to buy "", but when i did whois search it came back to Moniker Privacy Services that was the owner of that domain. I talked to man on the phone his name was "Wade Smith" he told me that the domain was going for $8,300.00. I told him i will get back with him that i needed time to think about it. Then he starts spaming my email like crazy. Here is copy of the email he sent me. So I called him back and he told me that there was another party has shown interest in buying this domain name "", . I did not want to lose this domain name so I bought it for $8,300.00. and he told me it will take 24 to 72 hours before they can give me my domain. Its been over 90 days and i still don't have my domain name. Crooks, fraudsters and scammers. A real shame to exist and make money the way they do. Liars! I never got any confirmation about my purchase, no message and no email. My card was charged $8,300.00. immediately, but no tickets and I have no idea what to do now. I think that the company is scam, but I don t have any proof. No one replied to my emails, so I have no idea what to do next. They are liars and scammers, and I want to find other deceived customers, who lost money. Please we need to stop this company and return our money. Post your comments and complaints.


I hope you are doing well. You inquired about purchasing a short time ago. In the meantime another party has shown interest in buying this name.
If you are still interested in purchasing this domain please contact me.
Review & Respond Online
I look forward to hearing from you.
Wade Smith
Senior Domain Broker
1-800-818-1828 x6264
8:00am - 6:00pm EST
Domain Name Broker |


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  Jul 9, 2014 By     jberryhill

Attitude : Disagree

This is an entirely false complaint. If you have found this complaint via a search, take a look at the homepage of this website, which you will find is primarily devoted to "revenge porn". The way this site makes money is to post false reports and then refer people to "reputation services" who claim to be able to remove the reports for a fee. It is a scummy little business, and we are not going to play.


  Jul 10, 2014 By     John Sizemoore

Attitude : Neutral

You know who you are.."Wade Smith aka jberryhill get a real job and stop ripping people off. I give Complaints Bureau five stars for allowing us to post complaints on there website about bad companys. The more you expose yourself on the Internet the more everyone sees it and the less business you have because of your inappropriate behavior. It's called Karma and it always comes back to bite you in your ass. Complaints Bureau never has erase the complaints on there site for money so if anyone wants to check out a business, the posted complaint or complaints will show up very high on Google. You said "The way this site makes money is to post false reports and then refer people to "reputation services" who claim to be able to remove the reports for a fee. It is a scummy little business, and we are not going to play." Remove your Complaints Bureau when I find that very hard to believe read there Removals Policy.

  Oct 24, 2015 By     Cyberfiend

Attitude : Agree

Yeah wade smith from domain name sales is a real scammer and rip off artist. They ran a fake domain auction to see who they could hook and for how much. I sold 60k of household goods in 3 days for 8k so I'd win the domain.
Of course this domain got reregistered an hour before the closing when I was guaranteed that this couldn't happen.
Then the real scamming emails started-pushing this price up to 13k-I pawned 40k of jewellery at the last minute wade wanted another $500 saying he'd miscalculated.
Ok I lost the jewellery and thousands of dollars trying to get the domain. But nothing added up including wades calculator skills!
Just scum-people like him,if you need a domain just think of another good one .coms are only worth $10 to buy
Unfortunately I let a 2 letter .com expire-but have learnt by my mistakes including to keep away from these rip offs
Disgusted Google haven't blacklisted them-they belong in the dark web with the kiddie fiddlers

  Mar 30, 2016 By     Songmaker

Attitude : Agree

They email me a couple of times a year trying to sell me my own domain name ... one that I already own and use. Mine is registered with an authorized dealer in Canada. It's current and it's paid for. These guys claim they are resellers, not registrars. Well, they didn't get my permission to buy anything or to resell anything on my behalf, never mind being stupid enough to try to sell me exactly what I already own. It's a bit like me coming to your front door and saying: "I'm gonna sell your home to you". I wouldn't be on your property for very long now would I? That's what makes them a scam. Hey, I love your Porsche. I think I'll sell it to you again, for 50 times what you paid already. Deal?

Do yourself a favour and kick them off your online property... just add to your Blocked Senders list.

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