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Dennis J. Adkins Dayton, Ohio


Posted : 26 Jul ,2012 by    Ileho



Our Committee is at present investigating corrupt Judges. There are not that many, but there are a few that are corrupt to the bone.We are now focusing on his Dishonorable Judge Dennis J. Adkins. We already compiled many corrupt facts involving his dishonor. These facts will be widely publicized in the relatively near future.

We are also appealing to the general public for any facts of corrupt activity by any corrupt Judge that we can investigate. It would especially be appreciated if you have facts of corrupt activity with his dishonor Judge Dennis J. Adkins


Dennis J. Adkins

Montgomery County Common Pleas Court
41 North Perry Street, Dayton, OH 45422. (937) 496-7951


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  Jun 28, 2016 By     LaDiDotty

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While I do not have any knowledge of this judge I am very interested in what your company or organization does. I do have a lot of info on another judge who I believe abuses his power, lies & is corrupt. Not sure if you deal w/this but I also have a laundry list of info on a couple attorneys who lie, cheat, steal, abuse their power, are corrupt & more.
I would love to read more about what you do. If you have one could you please share your website or post contact info, I'd love to read more about what you do. It's real sad that these people took oaths, amongst other things, can drastically effect someone's life to the point of destruction. Even worse when they are so connected that other people in their field turn a blind eye to what these dishonest corrupt people do. Thank God there are people willing to fight for what's right!

Thank you. I hope you check back soon & are able to post your contact info or web address.

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