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We were a dish customer for years and when we moved we called and asked them to come out and hook us back up. We that's when it all started.They informed us they could not provide us service and that's that!! But we would still be required to continue making payments because that is the so called contract.
We sent back the equipment and was told they could put our account on a temporary suspension for 5.dollars per month.
Since that was our only choice that's what we did for 16 months which was the end of the so called contract. Then i called again and they said that the time we have been paying did not count towards the contract time. All the same they still can not provide us and service and still two years later can't.
So i called the office of the president and spoke with Crystal. She agreed with me and at that time told me my account was zeroed out and i own nothing.
Two months went by and i didn't hear from Dish again the all the sudden they email me a bill again and once again i had to call the office of the president and talk with Crystal. She said please don't worry about it and she would take care of it once again.
That happen six times!!!! i was given her personal number at work with the extension
(866-240-2347 ext. 80972) which is now disconnected!!
After the sixth time i called and spoke with the most rude woman i have ever spoken to in my life!!! her name is Sitrid ID IIA
This person should at the lest be put through a customer training course on how to speak to people and resolve issues.
She informed me that she over road Crystals decision and i would now be responsible for the bill and all fees.
I then demanded to speak with her supervisor and she said she would NOT let me speak to anyone else period!!!
I owe this company nothing in fact they should refund me all monies paid and for all this trouble and for putting this on my credit.
If anyone can please help direct me to the correct person to handle this matter i would very thankful.
I am not trying to get out of something i owe. I do not think if they can not provide me services i should have to pay.
Pleaase help
Judy Sullivan
[email protected]


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