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Posted : 4 Mar ,2014 by    Greg Martin



I use discount cab all the time because my transmission went out recently. I rely on you to get me where I need for my family needs. I've always chosen Discount cab because of the reliability and availability. Today, I had a sick cat that I needed to take to the vet. My first ride was about $5, and all I had was a $20 bill. The driver did not have change. This is a small amount to need change for, so I was a bit inconvenienced here that I had to use a credit card. On my ride home, the driver was very distracted in a construction site, she was messing around with buttons on the credit card machine. I had my child, and my sick cat with me, so I'm disappointed that I didn''t feel she was paying attention to the road, and my family's safety was compromised. When I told her to stop in front of my home well in advance, she kept going. When I started to open the door to get out, she started backing up to get back to my house without communicating anything to me. Then when I paid my $5 fare with my $20 bill, she only gave me $3 back. I told her it wasn't right again, and she gave me a $5. I was ready to go after all the bad experiences on top of having my daughter and a sick animal with me, so I just let it go. I'm very disappointed in my experience with Discount Cab today, and I know that I have choices out there, hopefully who employ drivers that can do basic math, transport their passengers safely, and have $20 in change available. Please let me know what you can do to keep my business. I realize having change isn't always an option, so I am understanding of driver #1's situation. But in a whole, bad experience with Discount Cab today. I would like the money back that I was not given by the 2nd driver, and I would like some consideration taken in the inconvenience, and the fact that the driver was very distracted in a construction zone, and wasn't communicating well with me to let me know she was backing up. I want to know I have a driver that cares about my safety and that my family is depending and trusting them.

Discount Cab
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