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Posted : 23 Dec ,2012 by    Sharon Brown



Several times I had dealings with Raymond St. Clair, who is Undercover Vice Cop. I found that not only fabricates a story, but also down right lies. I have talked with several other Police officers & they stated that was the method by which he built his Career. I am posting this information because Officer St. Clair is a dirty dog. He forced he my friends and me to perform sexual favors with him. He intimated that he does that he does Drugs. What a fine Vice Cop. I checked this site to see if anyone else had bad dealings with Vice Cop Raymond St. Clair. He took advantage of me a few times. He also smoked Crack with me. We have him on camera, we are in the process of sending the Video to an expert, and we will be getting his Photo up on the internet soon. This man will set you up to be arrested by doing things like sending underage people into your store to buy things that only is allowed to be bought by an adult, but at the same time he's doing things like making you you do sexual favors to him. He will not tell anyone about that part of what he does to people like me. I know this man is just doing his job as a Vice Officer by trying to see who will violate the law, but it's not right that he does who know what kind of Drugs along with the crack him and me smoked, along with making people to perform Sexual favors to him

City of Dayton
335 W. Third St.,, Dayton, 45402
937-333-2677 (333-COPS)


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