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This company does dependent verification for T-Mobile which is where my husband works. When I married my husband I already had two children from my former marriage. The verification center requested birth certificates, a copy of my marriage certificate, bank statements, a copy of my tax return (which I refused to provide), and Divorce Decree. Because my husband works odd hours I had to provide the information and I faxed everything from work. I called several hours later and they said that it could take up to 36 hours for the documents to show up on their system but since I faxed it three times they felt that there would be no problems. A few weeks later we get a letter that they still need all the documents. I go to my husbands work and he takes the information and has his HR department fax it to them. Several weeks later...another letter saying that they could not verify my son because the birth certificate I provided was issued by the Hospital and not the state because he was born several hours away. They said I could send them a copy of my divorce decree. I had HR again fax a copy of divorce decree. A few weeks later another letter that the divorce decree had errors on it and they still can't verify my son. I mean, all they have to verify is that he's my son and I've provided several items to prove that...still having to get a formal State issued Birth Certificate to prove the same thing. Today, another letter wanting further documentation for verification.....


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