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Posted : 1 Jul ,2015 by    Scott McNeal



I felt kind of weird listing Dennis Alan Brady as a "doctor" as he's not licensed to practice medicine of any sort, nor does he have any verifiable doctorate degrees from any accredited institutions of higher learning. He likes to pretend he's a hypnotherapist and that he runs some sort of national hypnosis board that trains hypnotists. The website of this 'national board" shows a huge, impressive looking building, but in reality Brady and his wife Tonya Houghton run it out of a tiny little storefront in a strip mall at 2113 Citrus Blvd, Leesburg, FL 34748. It's suite A and you can check it out for yourself if you're in the area.

Brady may have given up on that scam, however, as he's currently running a mediation service or some such thing out of his "national board" office. He is pretending to be a lawyer now, I guess, since he can't be a doctor and since his scam of selling medical franchises PC Med went up in smoke and he had to be pursued for rent owed by TWO different landlords. He's also pretended to be a cop, and actually got arrested for pretending to be a cop and flashing a badge at someone when he was working as a school crossing guard. He's the type of guy who will slander you in a heartbeat if he doesn't like you, especially when you refuse to pay him for a car he wants to sell you on craigslist and he wants money in cash up front and doesn't even have title for the car. Stay away from this guy if you know what's good for you.


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