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Posted : 9 Aug ,2014 by    Anthony Boup



Improperly re-installed a serpentine belt, which caused loud squeals when starting the engine after parked for several hours. I brought my SUV to Dee's Auto repair to have the shop install a new serpentine belt provided by me on Wednesday (9/18). The new belt was installed by the mechanic, but was very noisy. The shop recommended that I get another new belt from a local shop, which they did. The new belt that was ordered from the local shop did not looked like the correct belt. The shop athen called the local part store to verify the belt and also verified that the belt (GoodYear) that I brought to the shop cross reference with the part store shop and they both verified and supposed to be the correct belt. The shop owner and the mechanic were very puzzled and keep asking out loud what happening??? So, I did not want to take a chance since I already wasted 2.5 hours at the shop, so I asked if my original belt is still good and if I can have that re-install instead. The shop owner Dee and the mechanic discussed, they agreed that the original is about 75-80% in operational state and I can reuse the belt. So, they proceed to re-install the belt. Once the belt was installed, the loud squeaky noise appeared, which I pointed out to the shop owner and he indicated that from the water friction. The shop owner told me to go buy a can of belt conditioner and spray the belt and that should all I need, which I did buy can of Belt Conditioner made by CRC from AutoZone. I went home and applied the "Belt Tensioner" to the belt. I waited for about an hour and started the car to see if the squeaky noise has been eliminated from the chemical solution, which it did not. The same noise was there after 1 whole day. So, I reapplied some more of the Belt Tensioner fluid. So, I called Dee's auto repair shop and complaint about the noise... The shop owner "Dee" told me to make an appointment to have his mechanic take a look... I told the shop owner that I will drive it over the weekend and see if it gets better.. The noise is still there after 3 days of using and at this point, I had reapplied the Belt Tensioner numerous times without any positive results. After the weekend and the squeaky noise hasn't gotten any better, so I called the shop today (9/23) and really complaint about the noise. He told me that they did not wrong. He also asked me what did I think where they went wrong on installing the belt?? I told him that the car did not have any noise whatsover before I came to the shop. He then stated that I must had issues before I came to the shop to have it fixed. Honestly, they start the car and they drove the car before they performed any work on any cars, which is their best practice. I had my cars repaired here before and I know the fact that they always start the car and drove the car before proceed with their work. I only wanted the serpentine belt replace due to that I saw some small cracks on the belt and this is the original belt, which has been on the car for 76,000 miles since new. This is preventive maintenance I do to all of my cars before winter. So today (9/23), I asked the shop weather he's going to repair the noise or refund my service charge of $65 for labor. He told me never call his shop again and do what I need to do.

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