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Posted : 27 Aug ,2017 by    Heather Smith



If you want to get legally ripped off by a San Antonio gay attorney, then feel free to contact Law Offices of Deanna L. Whitley. She is like a hyena who will see the tears in your eyes for the love of your children, and then she will rip you apart, will take every penny out of you and you will have no more tears left in your eyes to even cry.

Attorney Deanna L. Whitley operates in a gang with three of her operatives, Sandy Kozero, Lonie Savage and Cait Womack. So this is what will happen when you call her office first time. Either Sandy, Lonie, or Cait will pick up the phone. Feel free to tell them the most ridiculous thing you can ever imagine. For example, tell them that you want to remove the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. Now this is how your dialogue will go,

You: Hi Sandy, I want to remove the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court because he is bald and my kid gets upset when he sees him on the TV

Sandy: Sure, Ms. Whitley can do it for you. As a matter of fact she has a lot of experience in removing bald Chief Justices from the Supreme Court, first she will try to grow hair back on his head, if this fails then she will file the special motion to remove him, because Ms. Whitley really cares about you and your children and she would not like to see your kid getting upset by looking at a bald man


Sandy: When can you come for a Consultation, it will cost you $350 to discuss with Ms. Whitley about chief justice baldness


Now when you see Attorney Deanna L. Whitley, she will tell you everything what you need to hear. Now you are very happy.

This is when Sandy or Lonie will give you the Agreement asking for $3,000 to $10,000 Retainer NOW OPEN YOUR EYES AND READ THE AGREEMENT.

It will say Therefore, 50% of the retainer provided to this firm in non-refundable

This means the moment you sign it, Whitley got half of yours A**. The next half of yours A** will be taken away when your read the 2nd part of the Agreement which will say


This gay attorney Whitley uses another gay attorney in San Antonio for Arbitration and you will have no clue.

Once Whitley has taken your money, good luck to you if you ever get a phone call or email from her. What can you do, legally, she got half of your money by having you signing off the Agreement and the other half through her gay arbitrator.


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  Dec 3, 2017 By     Neil Cheney

Attitude : Agree


She is the worst family law attorney alive in San Antonio. She charges for everything . Paid her front $3,000 ...but she never handled my case .. Her staff never knew what was going on .. Charged every little thing for phone calls, and even for walking in her office .. $300 here and $300 there for everything ... Charged $500 to send in the final papers, never sent it and then 2 months later I asked for the papers and she said that it would be another $350 for resending them .... Or she would drop me as a client ... She is a horrible person doesn't care about the people she represents.

She is nothing but a legal bully whose primary job is to harass her own Clients and take their money.

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