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Darren Highsmith from San Angelo, TX


Posted : 27 May ,2018 by    Diskliver1



Met him at 3 parrots. He pretended to be interested in me then dumped me after he slept with me a few months ago then he hit on my 14 year old daughter. He s a pervert. Don t trust him. He is very slow and emotionally absent. I think he might be partially retarded. He has two little girls unfortunately. I hope he didn t pass it on to them. Perverts shouldn t have kids. He has slept around so much he might have an STD. He plays disk gulf and his full name is William Darren Highsmith. He was married. Think he cheated on his wife to. He brags about having money and being the boss of his work at global data technologies. All lies.Don t trust this lying scumbag. He lies all the time.


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