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Darren Ambler is about 39 years old from Delran- Riverside NJ. He is a Internet stalker and Dating web site Fanatic. Darren will go to bed with anyone out of necessity and desperation. Please do not fall for his con games or chronic lying. He is a bad guy. Darren Ambler has no Morality- Breeding or sense of right or wrong. He lives in "Fantasy" land.

Everything Darren Ambler does is self-serving. He does not have a generous bone in his slimy body. Yes- he would buy me dinner then expect dirty filthy sex. Darren is perverted- Bi-Polar and extremely insecure. I don't want to tell my full story right here- right now due to possible legal action that I may take. However- Please protect yourself from this sick- perverted demented sociopath. He will prey on older women because he can con them more easily. Darren has been with some real dirt bags. Some of the women may be in the sex profession but he did not care in the least. He lives a secret and double life!

Darren has blondish hair- short- skinny- thick glasses-Perverted- Obsessed with oral sex and Porno and he is a compulsive and professional liar. He would screw a 90 year old just to satisfy his sexual addiction- compulsion. The danger is he is very manipulative. He is obsessed with nudity and fondling himself. He may now have a Beard or Mustache. Either way he is gross. Homely- Perverted-and a Geek. Darren works as a Pharmacist in South Jersey somewhere.


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