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Darren Ambler- Southern NJ- Dating site predator- stalker-Sex addict- Sociopath


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I met Darren Ambler through a dating web-site in 2016. I was unaware at the time that he was a Psychotic- pathological Liar- suffered from numerous mental problems- abusive to women and possibly an STD Carrier. Darren Ambler i later found out stalked numerous females on line. Darren was compulsive- needy - a big dork and desperate for anyone to go to bed with: A real creep and a liar. From day one Darren Ambler forced me into sick vulgar sexual acts and dirty acts of oral sex. If I refused he would threaten and abuse me more. Darren is a real deranged person. Very lonely and desperate for SEX. I learned that he was a former drug addict turned sex addict. I guess it goes with the territory.
No wonder this creep's wife left. Who could stand being married to a psycho sex nut. Darren stalked me and the Internet on a regular basis. The crazy part is that Darren Ambler thinks he is normal and he takes no accountability for his wrongful actions. Darren Ambler has no MORALS- VALUES- MANNERS- CONSCIENCE- CLASS OR ABILITY TO DETERMINE RIGHT FROM WRONG. HE IS A COMPULSIVE LIAR AND A TRUE NARCISSIST. Darren treats people like objects. This dork deserves NOTHING. He is a selfish loser with no self-esteem.=====================================================================================

Darren Ambler was horrible in bed and his body is gross. Skinny scrawny bunch of bones with no muscle and ZERO below the belt. You need a magnifying glass to locate his alledged male organ! nothing to offer a women but trouble. Darren slept with numerous females mainly one night stands and HOOKERS. What else could he get. Darren is so sick and desperate he carried on a sex affair with a 69 year old female. Gross and Vulgar. Darren is 41 -42 years old why is he screwing a women old enough to be his Mommy? Because he is sick and desperate.

Darren twists all circumstances so that he is the victim. A true sign of mental illness. Also- Darren gave me an STD. I have been ill off and on for months because of his lies and infidelities. Darren is a Loser Dork trying to prove his manhood through bad sex. He is a bad human being that would use anyone. Very SELFISH and has no CONSCIENCE. One look at that FACE is bad enough. If Darren wants to attract the opposite sex he should visit a cosmetic surgeon for STARTERS. Then work on his mental illness. Darren is a low life with no class or breeding whatsoever. God that FACE would scare anyone. He does not need a mask on HALLOWEEN that is for sure. Ladies STAY away from Darren Ambler unless you want your life ruined. One day this Jerk will get what he deserves. ============================================================================================
Darren Ambler resides at 12 WESTBURY DRIVE in CHERRY HILL- NJ. The dork works at MEDCO in New Jersey as an Pharmacist. He is dangerous and manipulative - Darren would lie to GOD if he had to.


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