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Posted : 22 Jan ,2018 by    westbury-baby



Darren Ambler is a Dating Web-site Stalker and he seems pre-occupied and Obsessed with the Internet and what it has to offer. Darren Ambler is a known Drug Addict turned Sex Addict. He is a Pathological Liar that uses Vulnerable females that are easy prey for his sick Sexual Games and Pornographic Acts. Darren Ambler was always a dork who could not get any women interested in himself. Therefore- he discovered on line dating and sex web sites as a way of getting Dirty Pornographic sex. Actually- Darren is Horrible in bed. Has ZERO below the belt, you need a super thick magnifying glass to see anything/.
Darren Ambler stalks his prey in advance for sex and oral sex. He is a very sick- demented and perverted PIG. Has no personality- No Looks and his body is similar to twigs wrapped around one another. He is a useless but Dangerous Predator who cares about no one but HImSELF. Darren Ambler is abusive to females and others. Darren has had sex with Prostitutes and very low class females. Darren is 40 years old and forced Helpless 69 year old female into a sexual relationship. That is sick and PLain Vulgar screwing an old women/ what an act of Desperation. He is a no Good piece of Garbage Trash! NO conscience and No class.
Darren Ambler abused me and other females. He cheated on me and lied all the time. As a result the UGLY Creep gave me n STD. He is completely DISGUSTING. His breath would kill a horse. Darren has no Moral beliefs and would screw anyone. He REFUSES to take accountability for any of his ACTIONS. All that will change because Creepo must answer for giving myself and God knows whom else STD's. Darren is a Evil human being with no Standards.
Found out Sex Phene has children. Those kids should be taken away from his custody. He is an unfit father due to his sex obsessions and Filthy perverted mind. BEWARE..Stay away from this no good Sociopath. Darren Ambler lives on 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- New Jersey. He works at Express Scripts in Central New Jersey. Darren is abnormal and loves SEX with old ladies. Nothing appealing about Darren Ambler- Believe Darren looks better clothed. Horrible Body and Diseased Brain. BEWARE.....................................


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  Oct 25, 2018 By     Few_options

Attitude : Agree

A definite sick narcissist Predator. He obviously feels inadequate around others so he hides behind SEX- LIES_ MANIPULATION and a host of other bad traits and insecurities. EVENTUALLY- he will be EXPOSED for the no good slime he really is. He will pay dearly with being EXPOSED and spending a life full of trouble, loneliness and being rejected by anyone NORMAL. From the photo here- I doubt he was EVER a so called "LADIES MAN". I am sure the opposite was true. he was probably rejected and made fun of. Now it is payback time according to his sick abnormal over-sexed brain.

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