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First of all Darren Ambler was not honest about his real name. We spent the night together back on April 16/16/ 2016. He pursued me. Darren was very sexually inexperienced. I felt he was lonely and insecure and seeking companionship in addition to sex. I told him I was not seeking a romance. The night was bad. He is as good as nothing in bed. Could not make me climax and he was worried about people finding out whet he did.

Darren Ambler must realize if you play then people find out. He has much growing up to do Had the feeling he was a mama's boy. I think he has sexual issues like compulsive. I regret the night we spent together. He was na ve about using protection also. Seemed oblivious to STD's. Kind of scary. I hope he gets his act together. Think he said he has kids.. He seemed sad and lost. Hope he finds himself before he hurts and leads women on.


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