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Darren Ambler-Cyber-Stalking/Harassment: Cherry Hill- NJ/ One.orgL On Line Petition:


Posted : 8 Jul ,2018 by    Enforcer-211



Darren Ambler a resident of Cherry Hill- New Jersey, County of Camden, Intentionally and Repeatedly Cyber-Stalked and harassed a former friend for a period of 4 and 1/2 months. The Cyber-Stalking & harassment began in April 2016. In addition, the Cyber-Stalking and Harassment ended on 8-01-2016 after Darren Ambler's Facebook account was disabled. No one has the RIGHT or Authority to Harass, Cyber-Stalk or Invade the Privacy of another on line or otherwise. On line Harassment and Stalking is an Criminal Offense which affords the victim protection under Statute 2:C-33-04:
What makes this Case unique is the fact that Darren Ambler made no effort to conceal his Deliberate Harassing actions toward the other party. Darren Ambler and the Harassed party were friends for a period of time. In April 2016, former friend (Victim) discovered some unflattering and inappropriate behavior that Darren Ambler was engaging in. The behavior Mr. Ambler was engaging in was of a sexual nature. In addition, it appears Darren Ambler also began a pattern of Pathological Lying in effort to cover up his inappropriate behavior
Out of concern, former friend confronted Darren Ambler about this behavior on April 16, 2016. Once confronted, Darren Ambler became Irate, Threatening, Defensive and refused to admit wrong doing. Therefore, on April 16, 2016 the Friendship ended abruptly. Former friend later stated he was glad friendship Dissolved. Also stated, that he attempted several times to end friendship with Darren Ambler for various reasons as far back as November 2015.
Once friendship ended Darren Ambler feared that former friend would Disseminate the damaging information he learned about Mr. Ambler to others. Therefore, Darren Ambler began a deliberate campaign to Harass, Cyber-Stalk, Slander and Invade the Privacy of this person. Mr. Ambler began to Stalk and Harass the former friend on the Internet forum Facebook. Darren Ambler managed to access this persons Facebook page eve after he was BLOCKED.
Darren Ambler and former friend shared "MUTUAL" friends on Facebook. Therefore, Darren Ambler began to examine former friends Facebook Page including Friend list on a regular basis. Darren Ambler began contacting a portion of the "MUTUAL" friends the parties shared with Slanderous, Untrue comments about the former friend. In addition, Darren Ambler "ORDERED" these individuals to "UNFRIEND" the other party at once. Darren Ambler felt by Slandering and Demeaning former friend that he would be deemed "NOT CREDIBLE" therefore nothing he said would be believed by friends of Darren Ambler.
Unfortunately for Darren Ambler his Plan "BACKFIRED" miserably. By early July 2016, the former friend (Harassed party) retained legal counsel and an Investigation ensued. Facebook cooperated completely with the attorney. After a 30 day Investigation all the facts and "PROOFS" were carefully collected and evaluated.
After several Communications between Attorney and Facebook, it was concluded that Darren Ambler did in fact Harass and Cyber Stalk his former friend. In addition, Facebook concluded that Darren Ambler did in fact VIOLATE Facebook Rules and Standard of conduct numerous times. Furthermore, it was quite evident that Darren used Facebook for reasons other than "SOCIAL NETWORKING".
On August 1, 2016 Darren Ambler's Facebook account was "DISABLED". Darren Ambler was labeled as an "CYBER_STALKER". Cyber-Stalking and Harassment is a Criminal Act punishable by Jail time and Court Fines.
After careful evaluation of all EVIDENCE collected, Darren Ambler was notified via Certified mail on August 21, 2016. Mr. Ambler received a Certified Letter from acting Attorney which informed Mr. Ambler that his actions on Facebook were well documented and that FURTHER LEGAL ACTION may be initiated due to Mr. Ambler's Harassment and other behaviors toward his former friend. Darren Ambler NEVER responded to the allegations either way.
Darren Ambler NEVER thought his on line activities would be monitored. In addition, Mr. Ambler left behind an ABUNDANCE of evidence and an incredible PAPER-TRAIL. The Evidence and "PROOFS" obtained are virtually "INDISPUTABLE". It has also been established that Darren Ambler has some serious Psychological problems which may or may not contribute to his BAZAAR behaviors.
Since this incident occurred, a Petition has been started on the web-site Carol Mullins is the Coordinator of the petition at this time. We could use your help and your signature to support this very important cause. Please view
The web site will explain how you can help this important cause. More attention must be given to Cyber Stalking and Harassment On Line. If the public is made aware that these actions are "CRIMINAL" and they will not be tolerated, maybe a person will think twice before Stalking and Harassing another person. Cyber Stalking can have long term negative effects on the Victim.
The Evidence collected in this particular case is overwhelming. There is NO WAY Darren Ambler could explain his actions or dispute the Evidence Collected in this case. The Evidence consists of: 1). Numerous Facebook Logs, Messenger messages, 2). Names of persons whom received messages from Mr. Ambler regarding the harassed party: 3). Logs which PROVE deliberate Stalking on Mr. Ambler's part. 4). All Information related to Mr. Ambler's Facebook account/inc passwords/URL's/ Identifying information/ IP- ISP Information:/ IP Location/Destination. Internet Provider Information:/ ABUSE Network reports:/
The Evidence as well as Darren Ambler's actions tell a very Twisted and Disturbing story. Aside from committing a Criminal Act, this whole case says a great deal about Darren Ambler's Charachter, Credibility, Level of Maturity and General Frame of mind. Someone whom you do not wish to associate with on any level. A person whom has no Boundaries and no sense of right or wrong:


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