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Darren Ambler-(39 years) : UPDATE:/ Southern New Jersey:


Posted : 23 Apr ,2017 by    consequence_39



An Update on Darren Ambler....Apparently he is still the sick perverted loser he was a year ago and probably most of his life...Darren Ambler appears to still take no accountability for his inappropriate actions. Also- he will more than likely never admit that he is mentally ill- Perverted with Sociopath tendencies. Being that said- it is critical to stay away from this creature. People such as this don't change and they serve no useful purpose except they occupy space and cause pain and unrest for others. We must continue to expose someone such as this in hopes that people take notice and avoid this bad human being.
Darren Ambler has no feelings- conscience- social grace- refinement nothing at all. He is an immoral sociopath who feels a sense of entitlement. he deserves nothing. Darren is a big loser and his whole life is about "HIMSELF"_ All this creep wants is SEX- ORAL SEX- and self-Gratification....He is a compulsive liar and con-artist..People like that make for bad sons- husbands- boyfriend's - friends- and everything else....Darren is also OCD and possibly bi-polar...The biggest issue is that Darren thinks he is right and everyone else is wrong....That is why you can not become involved with psychos like this. They can never be trusted. Darren is a former drug addict- which it seems he still has many of the traits of a "Druggie"... Please Ladies- Do not date him- do not speak to him- and for God sake do not go to bed with this crazy freak.
You will be sadly disappointed by his poor bed room skill and that gross body. He has been with numerous women with less than respectable backgrounds. But "Beggers can not be Choosers"....


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