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Dana Michelle Scott, Steubenville, Ohio


Posted : 18 Mar ,2015 by    coach



She got pregnant to a married man. She tried to ruin a family. This girl is totally nuts and her mom buys her pills from Dana. Dana has had multiple men in her son's life and let's him call each one daddy. She takes plenty of crazy meds, pulls her hair out until she's bald and she's been on ABC Nightline parading her son on TV. She's a home wrecker and a whore who can't keep her legs shut. She will date any man/fuck any man that will give her the time of day.


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  Nov 9, 2016 By     Mercel23

Attitude : Agree

So sad to see this! This is a form of bullying! If your husband is the one that got her pregnant maybe he should be on a dog site or atleast put his picture up also! There is a child that was created, your husbands! I'm sure it eats you alive! You are bitter and your life will forever be consumed with hate.
You look like the unstable one!

  Feb 9, 2017 By     Birdie

Attitude : Agree

I feel bad for both women and any children in this situation. This "man" is a dog.

  Feb 9, 2017 By     Birdie

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No woman deserves to go through this crap.

  Feb 9, 2017 By     Birdie

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Hopefully this stops. Why can't women stick together and support one another instead of tearing each other down? He made the vows, he cheated! Would be nice to see a positive outcome for both women.

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