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Posted : 3 Apr ,2015 by    Shaft0rz22



Computer was plugged into cyber power pc and received shock and thereby damage. Manufacture was contacted and I was never reimbursed. Cyberpower CP5500SLG unit malfunctioned on 5/21 after thunderstorm. Unit malfunctioned or failed and the pc was suffered electrical damage. The unit had a long beep, I smelled smoke. I shut the unit down unplugged my unit. And found the cpu, memory, pc fan with monitoring unit and motherboard damaged. Contacted cyberpower via internet and phone. I was told to send the unit in for repair. Sent the unit in and I purchased new parts for the pc. I received the unit back and it died again. I investigated further and found that i was supposed to be reimbursed for the parts. I called cyberpower again and was told that i would get a new unit. I asked for a new unit the first time. I asked them about being reimbursed for my loss as stated in their advertisement and agreement. I was told that since it was pass 10 days they would do nothing. I contacted them when the incident occurred and was never taken care of. This is a scam. I want a full refund for the items that I replaced. I replaced the fan, cpu and memory. I still have to buy 2 more bars of memory and send in my motherboard for replacement (fortunately, I still had the warranty for the board). I called them as soon as the incident happened and reported it and was never taken care of. I still have the items that burned in my pc. Their products are junk, this is the second unit that has die and was sent in and came back in the same condition. I also have 425v that is nothing but a paper weight. I will never buy another one.

CyberPower Systems, Inc.
4241 12th Ave
E Ste 400, Shakopee, MN 55379-2026
Phone: (952) 403-9500
Fax: (952) 403-0009


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