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Posted : 4 Apr ,2015 by    Adamboard



As a young female who was obviously very desperate for a safe car--I was taken advantage of. At first, they said that my payments would be $349 a month... I told them I couldn't afford that. Way too steep. They said with my credit--that the lowest they could go was $335 a month. They then told me that there was a full factory warranty on the car, making it seem as though it was apart of the price of the car. However, I found out two days later that was not the case.My mother and sister went into the dealership and the Sales Mgr genuinely seemed as though he wanted to help. It turned into nearly an all-day affair, as I went to another dealership to speak with a salesman who is a family friend. I explained the situation and he told me they were tacking extra things onto my contract. So I told Cronin that I didn't want any extras on my finance contract other than the title fee, sales tax, and actual price of the car. They said that would be fine and my payments would go down to $295 a month. Then once I went into the guy's office who handles the financing, he said that because I was high risk with my credit, that the bank would jack my APR up to 30% if I didn't take the warranty because I would be more liable to pay for a repair over a car payment... and that my payments would actually only drop $6 per month. So I just stuck with the warranty.Next day I spoke with our family friend--the salesman who said that a 30% APR in Ohio is illegal and they were "BS-ing me." So I called directly and spoke with a supervisor who said that they wouldn't higher the APR because of a warranty... I ended up calling the dealership and speaking with the EXTREMELY rude GM who said very plainly "You don't have to keep the car, you can bring it back." -- as though my business wasn't worth it.I went back into the dealership, signed the rest of the papers--and found out my payments were $281.14 A MONTH!!! $55 difference a month for an unwanted warranty! HORRIBLE experience!


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