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Cricket wireless still advertising UNLIMITED data on all their plans, *2.5, 5, or f10Gb at high speed, then in fine print it says data speed will be reduced to a max. 128Kbps for the remainder of the billing cycle. They should be limited on how slow they can throttle back to, otherwise,it is not really Unlimited. One day when I went to pay my bill, ($90 for two lines with unlimited talk, Text & Data) I mentioned to the in store CSR that this was false advertising, because if I'm paying for UNLIMITED data, I expect to be able to connect to the internet and pull up a search on Google. She asked me how close I was to the end of my cycle, and I told her it was just a couple days, she looks it up in the computer and comes right out and tells me, "Oh, your bill resets in two days,and you used up your high speed weeks ago, you're being throttled," like , no spit lady, like I didn't know this. Then she continues to say, "you won't be able to get a decent connection speed until you're cycle restarts." "Well then that's not UNLIMITED then is it," I answered, then this b**ch has the .audacity to tell me, "We don't advertise Unlimited data, just unlimited talk and text with, up to 10 Gigs at high speed, depending on your plan" and while she's telling me this she's pointing out the fine print, where it says high speed is limited and speeds would be reduced, blah blah Blah. I keep trying to point out to the big, bold print that clearly says "UNLIMITED Talk, Text, & Data" pointing to the ampersand when I say and this means and, I'm telling her. She keeps pointing back to the fine print, and we go back and forth for 20min. "I know, high speed is limited to the stated cap," I tell her, "but you can't throttle me down to nothing, and still call it unlimited data." Again she tries to tell me that's not what it says. "Yes it is," I tell her, " if it's meant to say , Unlimited Talk and Text with 10Gb of high speed data, then they need to just take the & Data off of there and be straight forward about it" finally I just got tired of it, paid my bill and left. When she said, "I'm just a nobody here, I can't do anything about the way they market the product" and " I'm here to help you." That's when I completely had it I told her she wasn't helping me, she was only kissing me off more and to just take care of the bill cause I was sick of listening to her voice. Cricket, stop advertising UNLIMITED if you're going to throttle it down to nothing.


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