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It seems that idiocy and stupidity go together and this is especially the case with the dunce named Marisa Sanghani who is from the island country of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies (one of the islands in the Caribbean). What makes her a truly glorified idiot and a totally stupid individual and imbecile is that she glorifies the irresponsibility of Vanita Dalipram (also known as Vanita K. Dalipram) who clearly was irresponsible when she took nude or naked pictures of herself and sent...

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Country : Trinidad and Tobago

Vanita Dalipram (or Vanita K. Dalipram) who is a University of the West Indies Open Scholarship Recipient and Graduate is a truly appalling and unspeakably atrocious person. She was exposed for lack of a better term when naked or nude pictures of herself were posted on the internet by various accomplices without her express permission. I agree this is a crime but what makes this truly even more despicable is the fact that she tried to justify her actions of having nude or naked pictures...

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