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Posted : 10 Apr ,2016 by    scarrlettt



I discovered a charge of $7.68 on my statement for "ACCOUNT ASSURE 1-866-293-9210" posted on 03/12/2016. I contacted the customer service to find out what that was, for I had requested not such service:

Sent:Monday, March 14, 2016 3:03 PM (ET)
To:Comenity Bank
Subject:Account Assure Debt Cancellation
Message ID:3661756
There's a charge of $7.68 on my card on 03/12/2016 called "ACCOUNT ASSURE 1-866-293-9210". I do not know what that is for, nor have I used my card on that date. Please explain and refund.

They explained that it was a debt cancellation program, and I responded that I had not enrolled in it and wanted a refund. They wrote back:

From:Comenity Bank
Sent:Wednesday, March 16, 2016 9:55 AM (ET)
To:YouSubject:Re: Account Assure Debt Cancellation
Message ID:3682196
Thank you for your recent inquiry to our Customer Care Department.
Comenity Bank issues your account and responds to all credit related

Please be informed that we have canceled the Account Assure Services and
credited the fee of $7.68 on your Victoria's Secret account.

We hope this information is helpful. For the security of your account
information, we ask if there are any follow up questions you have
related to this concern, please click on the reply button.


P. Corley
Internet Customer Care Team

I figured I would eventually get my refund, until I checked again on March 26, 2016, and saw no sign of a refund. So I contacted them again:

Sent:Sunday, March 27, 2016 9:14 PM (ET)
To:Comenity Bank
Subject:Re: Account Assure Debt Cancellation
Message ID:3794181
Thanks for your response.
I've checked my account activity, and noticed that the $7.68 refund has not appeared yet. Please let me know how long it will take to process that.

Since then, we have been emailing back and forth almost daily, where they keep telling me to call them to assist. I explained to them that they have already told me that I'm getting a refund, and all I want is my refund. They're refusing to read my messages, avoiding the issue, and keep telling me that I can call them to get information on what Account Assure is.

I want to get a refund on this service for which I have not signed up. My account now has an outstanding balance for a payment I have not authorized.


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