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Posted : 30 Mar ,2015 by    Andrew D



I attended a concert at the Cleveland Browns Stadium the night of July 29th. During the show there was a group of 10-15 kids who chose random seats by my seat and walked past every 5 minutes. They stood up in front of us and refused to move until they could get their entire group sitting together which was impossible because of the number of kids and the amount of available seats. During one of their trips I had beer spilled on me and I alerted the usher. She came up and told them to go to their seats. 10 minutes later they came back and it started all over again. We went and found the deputy in charge and he came and removed them, but they came back so we went back and found the deputy again and he removed them. The usher sat and watched them continue to return to the seats that they were not assigned to. We alerted her again because by this time the show was more than half over and we still could not see. We had missed the whole show. The deputy was called again, the usher still did nothing. After the show I attempted to call the stadium and I left a message. The next day I called back, no one wanted to take the time to listen so they transferred me to 3 different people before finally telling me to leave a message. I called for more than a week and left numerous messages. I missed the entire show because their staff refused to do their job in controlling seating. I had 10-15 kids walking in front of me every few minutes and standing up in front of us. The older one was supplying them with beer and by the end of the night they were drunk and even more obnoxious. After alerting the usher several times and resorting to finding a police deputy the problem should have been resolved. The office refuses to return messages or talk with us. I just want my money back for the show I was forced to miss. I will never attend another event here. I would like the money for my tickets back. The total of my 2 tickets is 105.50.


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