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Posted : 11 Aug ,2013 by    Michael Beerman



Five and half years ago I had glass block installed during my master bathroom redo. Immediately after completion, there was water leaking from the outside of around the glass block windows that were purchased and installed by Cincinnati Glass Block. The contractor at the time thought it was due to lack of sill on the window so they were put in. Over time, the grout around the tile floor started to mildew and mold, then the glass block started to show green mold and eventually the entire outside structure was soaked from water. I brought in my own tile setter who deterimined that the tile, and glass block both needed to be removed to correct the problem. Greg Pierce from Cincinnati Glass block said the green in the glass block was caused from their installers not sealing correctly. He also assured me that if there were any other problems from the Glass Block, they would handle it. Once the windows were removed, it was deterimed that the Glass Block was installed to early in the contruction. The Glass Block went in after framing and there was no waterproofing done at all!!! The structure was leaking from day one and continued for 5 and half years. The Glass Block installers from Cincinnati Glass block are at fault, they should have waited till the entire shower was tiled and waterproofed before they installed their product. Now Cincinnati Glass Block is taking no resposibility for their part in the failure of my shower!! They are requiring me to pay and wait for the reinstall!! I feel Cincinnati Glass Block should not only cover the cost of the new glass block, they should also cover some of the cost of the tile setter. If they had waited to install 5 and half years ago, the wall and structure would not have been so badly damaged!!

Cincinnati Glass Block Company
12100 Mosteller Rd Ste 400,
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Phone: (513) 772-7202
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