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Christopher Isaac louisiana cheater and liar


Posted : 7 Apr ,2018 by    Tooshort4life



Chris Isaac is a serial liar and cheater having several girlfriends in the same time frame and scamming them all. Chris preys on peoples weaknesses to get whatever he can out of them. He is controlling and emotionally abusive. Chris makes fun of all his females behind their backs saying he has them all on lock and key and they will cater to his every need. Chris lives at the ridgefield apartments and works at the Sonic in marrero Where he picks up women and men. He has a sex addiction problem and has slept with over 200 people. He gives everyone he sleeps with stds. Chris lies saying he is working doubles or hanging with his brother so he can see other women and men. He also cries broke to con people. This little boy is a pig. He will never be faithful to anyone.


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  Jun 19, 2018 By     Junebaby1

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This is all lies about Chris Isaac. He does not sleep with men or transvestites. He has never slept with over 200 escorts. He does not control or con people. Chris works hard and pay his own bills. He is a great guy and keeps to himself. Chris does not scam people and has never given anyone an std.

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