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Posted : 10 Oct ,2013 by    Anthony



I was in this business, on 9-19-13,and purchased a alaskin fish combo,that costs with tax, and gave the cashier dollars, and received I was in a hurry because i'm disabled and use the local transportation to go to my appointments, and i dint want to get left. I checked my pocket when i got home and seen that i had i don't have transportation so i had a appointment on that monday so i said i'll go there on monday. The change on the receipt was $94.03, so i was cheated out of $90. So i returned to the store on that monday 9-23-13, and talked to the manager about the situation that happened on 9-19-13,and he told me that he couldn't give me the money. I have talked to a lawyer, but have not went to his office yet. I am a very poor man and that money was gonna last a while, and now i am without. Someone has told me that they have checked the camera and seen me at the cash register, but they couldn't tell what currency that i gave the cashier, and that she had put it in the ten dollar draw. And that the manager told them they put $100 dollars under the draw, so they cashier must have went back and made there money current. I don't know whats going on but i need my money back!


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