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Posted : 16 Jul ,2014 by    PV Fraud Alert



Central Highlands Real Estate Property Management Group LLC in Prescott Valley Arizona, has an employee who works for them named Michaela Windsor, who has been committing fraud against their clients. She boasted to local friends about the mistakes she makes in billing and overcharging customers who rent out their homes via Central Highlands Real Estate LLC. We uncovered this after our elder brother was being serviced by Central Highlands for his properties. Our accountant investigated payments and noticed numerous issues. Clearly overcharged. When Michaela was contacted, she refused to take calls, hung up on us, and never responded to email. We only began to investigate after a mutual friend (who also knows Michaela) here in town shared with us comments by Windsor about how accounting is done at Central Highlands. She also boasted about how it happens all the time and she gets away with it because she is the "accountant, and nobody checks her work". Also boasted that her Manager also looks the other way in her behalf. Michaela also joked that the owners Ron and Patricia Fiedler have no clue what goes on around the office and are barely their on a daily basis. We feel the BBB and Prescott Chamber of Commerce should be aware of the actions of this woman and investigate Central Highlands, maybe even a class action case against them. Michaela Windsor is unethical and carrying out fraud against various customers who are absentee owners and have no way to protect their interests. We ask all customers of Central Highlands to have an accountant look at the last year of your statements and report any criminal fraud committed by Michaela Windsor to local authorities.

Central Highlands Real Estate LLC
8363 Florentine STE:A
Prescott Valley, Arizona
United States
Phone: 928-420-4562


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  Sep 9, 2014 By     CHRE

Attitude : Disagree

As is the case with all businesses we get occasional complaints. Some are legitimate, most are just a matter of perception. When we get one we do our best to resolve any issues at they arise. Since this complaint was posted on a public forum anonymously we have not had an opportunity to address the charges. This complaint is libelous and cowardly. It is nothing more than a vicious, revengeful attack on one of our employees, Michaela Owens and is totally untrue. Michaela is a hardworking and trustworthy worker and we are glad to have her in our employ. This complaint then goes on to smear our Property Manager, Central Highlands Real Estate, as well as us, Ron and Patricia Fiedler with false allegations which are harmful to our business and to all concerned personally.

If this were a legitimate complaint it should have been filed with the Arizona Department of Real Estate. They would investigate it and if there was any evidence to support it solicit our response. Proven charges could then result in fines, sanctions and possible suspension of our license. If it was untrue, as it is in this case, it would not go public and hurt our business. That is as it should be.

In response to these accusations it should be noted that the ADRE is mandated to make periodic and random audits of each and every real estate company in Arizona. We were audited in May of this year. The audit includes a total examination of our policies, contracts, files, bank accounts, all aspects of our business and a very thorough investigation of our books. We passed with flying colors and awarded a certificate listing on us on the Honor Audit Roll.

This is unadulterated proof that this offensive complaint is nothing but a pack of lies. It was totally irresponsible of this website to post these accusations anonymously and without a modicum of proof. Both the website and the complainant have done irreparable harm and should be held accountable. We are requesting that the website remove this complaint with an apology. We invite a representative of the website and the complainant to visit our office with our lawyer present. Their failure to do so or to provide any evidence to support the accusations would be further substantiation of the blatant dishonesty of the complaint.

Ron and Pat Fiedler
Central Highlands Real Estate

  Dec 4, 2014 By     samw

Attitude : Agree

Complaints Bureau will never post anything about your company or anyone, so that is lie on your part. Less you mean that Complaints Bureau did permitted publication of a complaint about your company, after looking and reading all the complaints about your company we see that you are the one lying here. One why would you have an employee that works for your company that has her self naked on the Complaints Bureau website for? This complaint its self can hurt your business alone. Based upon what I read about "Central Highlands Real Estate" and "Michaela Windsor" through Complaints Bureau site, I would not consider using a company like your that has dubious claims and various complaints against you. your real estate smell fishy. Frankly speaking, if your employee are dumb enough to post "naked" pictures of themselves on the internet, then they get what they deserve.

Central Highlands Real Estate LLC
8363 Florentine STE:A
Prescott Valley, Arizona
United States
Phone: 928-420-4562

  Dec 5, 2014 By     CHRE

Attitude : Agree

Your response proves our point exactly regarding this site and the complaint posted against us. We are a hard working, honest and professional company and we do not intend to trade insults on a public forum. In your response you state that "Complaints Bureau will never post anything about your company or anyone". To what then are your responding? No one has ever contacted ourselves, the owners, our property manager or any legitimate authority regarding these accusations. We can only ask why? We invite both you and the complainant to meet with us and provide us with specifics and any evidence or facts to support your position. We challenge you to come out from under your shroud of anonymity. We challenge you to bring your complaints to any proper authority and present your facts to them. At least then we could defend ourselves against your libelous charges. We would welcome the opportunity. To do anything less is an act of cowardice and further proof of the spiteful and fallacious intent of both the original complaint and your response.

  Dec 12, 2014 By     realrentals

Attitude : Agree

Funny how the managers at Central highlands want to get this post removed so bad and
make a big deal about it. Because they don't want anyone to know how dysfunctional
this business is. They can't even keep employees because they keep quitting. Maybe
if Brenda treated her employees better they wouldn't be quitting. Erin. Connie.
Where does it end. Not with Michaela because she knows where all the bodies are
buried and secrets there like the manager's sister tapping into the company's bank
account & cutting checks. There is a lot of problems with this company. Especially
managers talking about the employees behind their backs and making it an extremely
uncomfortable atmosphere to work in. This message board will do nothing but bring
former employees out of the woodwork to share their issues about these nasty people.
It's not all okey-dokey Ron!

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