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Posted : 22 May ,2015 by    Sandy Gibson



The first two years of my case was handled by a different attorney. After he lost he bailed on me so I had to find another attorney it was Casper and Casper. I should have done my home work a little better. I obtained Sanford Casper as my legal representation for a disability claim on my behalf. Mr. Casper had me sign an agreement/contract between his agency and myself. He did not describe to me in detail what additional claims made to me would be. Therefore after receiving approval on my disability claim I applied for and received benefits for my daughter. Casper and Casper were paid automatically from Social Security $2155 from my daughters claim. My daughter did not have an agreement with Casper and Casper therefore, the $2155 should have never been paid to and then but to my daughter instead. I spoke with Lori who is Office Mgr and confirmed to me that the $2155 would be returned to my daughter. My daughters claim was approved and paid in September 2013. We have yet to receive the reimbursement of $2155. I've left several messages with Sanford as well as spoke directly with him and he states as soon as the check is received in the office from Social Security behalf, he will send it back to her. This has yet to happen.He has received 4 months of payment to date and the fifth payment will be paid in 2 weeks. I believe that amount of time is for reimbursement is substantial. We request to have money in the amount of $2155 with possibly interest be paid immediately. Either way I have to start all over again and we lost the almost six years previous. What ever you do never ever trust Casper and Casper. They are a fraud and opportunist. It will be a waste of your time like it was our. Find someone who actually knows what the law is and really care for people.

Casper and Casper Attorneys at Law
130 W 2nd St Ste 1750, Dayton, OH 45402
Phone: (937) 223-0123
Fax: (937) 222-0886


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