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Posted : 26 Apr ,2014 by    snk002



I spent almost $100 for Twizzlers snack bars and they were so stale they were not edible. There was no expiration date on the Twizzlers (the only items in the order that were not stamped with a date), so I called the manufacturer (Hershey s company) and they said their products are required to have a best by date on them, and since these did not, it was a pretty good indication they were old.
I contacted CandyWarehouse s customer service (several times) and they finally acknowledged that the Twizzlers were a Halloween item that they received around" October of last year (and I was later told by the manager that they received them after Halloween last year). I know their website states they do not accept returns on edible items, but it also says fresh candy shipped fast and I don t think anyone would consider candy received over 7 months before it s shipped is fresh.
The manufacturer told me that code on the Twizzlers was too old to register in their system, so they were at least a year old, so the truth is, CandyWarehouse really has no idea when the Twizzlers were manufactured, but insisted they had a few months left on their shelf life (which they said was 9 months, even though their website gives Twizzlers a 2 month shelf life), but they were basing this on when they received the candy, not from when it was manufactured. I tried to point out that they had been on their shelf for at least 7 months, and since they were a Halloween candy, one would assume they were manufactured at least a few months before Halloween, so even by their own calculations the Twizzlers were past the 2 and 9 month shelf life, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. They clearly sold me stale/expired candy, but still would not accept a return.

Their website also states satisfaction is guaranteed on all orders accept for chocolate, but they did not honor that either. After asking why all of the other candy in my order had an expiration date on it except for the Twizzlers, I was told my refund request was being sent to upper management to handle, and that is the last I ve heard from them. My last email requesting an update and the contact info on whoever was handling this has gone unanswered. This company has horrible customer service and seems to choose ignoring a problem so they do not have to admit to making a mistake, rather than resolving it.


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