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Posted : 19 Jul ,2015 by    ReportScammers



Calvin Robinson or "CL" is an absolute scumbag. He is a grifter, fraud, scam artist and criminal who will lie, cheat and steal from friends, colleagues and so called business partners. His phone number is 310.692.0277 and he supposedly lives in Chicago, (with his mother). This bottom feeder reels you in by providing a plethora of information to create an umbrella of credibility but in all actuality it is just a smoke screen so he can accomplish what ever scam is in his sights. I would press charges if I had enough evidence of his criminal activities but please steer clear of this pathological lying criminal.

He associates himself with 3BA basketball, professional athletes, Chicago based sports attorneys to name a few.

Calvin Robinson uses a Beverly Hills mailing address and will try to scam you through Western Union - Phone Number: 310.692.0277.

Please note that he is NOT the same individual @Bonifer on twitter or at Calvin Robinson has a SIMILAR company name game changers but it is NOT the same web address listed above. But make no mistake this information in this post is all accurate.

Someone needs to find this criminal and report him to the authorities, preferably the FBI as he is committing interstate wire fraud.

in the photo he is on the far left.

Thank you for listening.


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