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Posted : 8 Apr ,2015 by    Xance



Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions contracts to generate qualified sales prospects as defined by the client and then to set appointments with the prospects for the client to converse.Their contract called for them to call marketing officers in the large studios (Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM) Television Broadcasters (CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox) Cable Broadcasters (FX, Discovery, AMC, ESPN, CNBC, etc.) and large advertising agencies (defined as having revenues exceeding $2mm annual). Callbox had me specially write these telemarketing scripts so that they may be targeted specifically. I also delineated the targeted list of companies. Yet at the end of their definition of execution of our agreement, not one appointment was in the category I had delineated. None wished to speak with me.I spoke with the Callbox representatives repeatedly at the outset and throughout the process. Their job was to open doors and set appointments with qualified prospects who wished to use The Illusion Factorys services and who had an active project to discuss with us.The results that they delivered were not on target in any of the aforementioned categories. In fact, they could not have been further from the mark. With each appointment set, I emailed and called Callbox to question why I was not getting what I had paid for. In each conversation, I was given an abundance of double talk and lack of coherent response.I point you to four clauses in their contract with The Illusion Factory found in Section C.2 Type of Campaign:C.2.1 Execute a direct marketing campaign promoting Clients Services to its target market as defined by the client.C.2.3 Perform outbound calls on behalf of Client to Target Business Market as defined by Client.C.2.5 As discovered, qualify Prospects as appointments/leads based on criteria defined by Client.C.2.7 Schedule appointments between Qualified Prospects and Clients sales representatives. Scheduled appointments are exclusive to Clients sales representatives only.

Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions
4924 Balboa Blvd
#353, Encino, CA 91316-3402
(888) 810-7464


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