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Posted : 21 Feb ,2014 by    Cindy Mays



They tell me my name is Petr, and sometimes I seem to think I remember that name. The spelling of the name is Norwegian, I'm told, and that's why people keep telling me my name is spelled wrong. Everyone looks so young and I don't always recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror. Anyway, that's beside the point....I'm mad as hell because the hospital staff all told me there are no longer any of the Burger Chef restaurants around town. I remember Burger Chef well. Five char-broiled hamburgers for one dollar; cheeseburgers and fries too. Where am I? and what's a city without a Burger Chef restaurant? They say I keep wandering off and being brought back to my daughters apartment while mumbling something about Burger Chef. My daughter is writing this for me because these new typewriter - computers blink and flash so much that I don't know what to do, and sometimes, I wonder if she's really my daughter. She's still pretty and looks like the pictures she shows me of her Mom. I don't remember the woman in the pictures she shows me, and I want a Burger Chef cheeseburger!

(Cindy here: I really am his daughter)


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