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Posted : 26 Jun ,2015 by    Pgh Bar



Buffalo Biodiesel is company working in Pittsburgh, PA but out of Buffalo, NY. They buy old fryer grease. These people are crooks and pathetic. The sales rep... let's call him "Barrett" is a pathetic beggar that hounded us like a whiney little girl. We finally agreed to allow them to take our old oil, we had another company without any issues for years. He said.. just initial here so we make sure we know about how much oil you use.. "I keep this a little high so we don't overflow" (Back to this comment in a bit).

So I signed up.. I didn't read their two page, small print contract.. shame on me. It was for FIVE years. Well, the old company moved their vat out in two weeks.. ok, where is my new vat? Well.. it didn't come.. and didn't come.. for 6 weeks. By that time, with oil piling up, I called the old company back; they delivered a vat in 2 days. So after another 3 weeks the Buffalo vat showed up, I told them, I don't want it. You took way too long, i called your rep, NOTHING. I called the 800#, NOTHING. So the driver left.
A week later (much quicker response now, huh) I got served papers that they are suing me... for $22,000.00 LMAO They arrive at this number from what they will receive in gross dollars for five years at retail when they sell my oil.. based on the inflated amount listed on the contract. See above. Over the five years they would have paid me about $2,000. SCAM artists using lawyers instead of taking card of customers. AVOID.

I have come to learn that Buffalo Biodiesel has literally hundreds of lawsuits out there, suing their so called customers.


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