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Buddie J Hahn, Orange, Texas


Posted : 15 Jul ,2014 by    Jaxson Texxxan



I couldn't do anything legaly, so I had to resort to this complaint site. at least the world would know about this sick Son-of-a-Bitch Approximately 6 months ago this sick S.O.B. of a judge Buddie J Hahn fondled my 5 year old daughter. I know this because my daughter was acting very strange and sad. When I questioned her she described everything in detail of what he did to her. She even told me he told her to call him uncle Buddie. She said he was tickeleing her in the ribs and making her laugh, but then he started tickeleing her under her underwear. She said he was doing something with his finger inside her pee pee and another up in her boo boo, She said it started hurting her and then he stopped. I contacted the police and they told me there had been other reports of such actions but there was nothing they could do. uncle Buddie was too powerful. I had to try to do something for my little girl. I feel like I let her down

Devastated DAD

Judge Buddie J. Hahn
260th District Court
801 W. Division St.
Orange, TX 77630
(409) 882-7095
Fax: (409) 882-7093


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  Jul 15, 2014 By     Jada

Attitude : Neutral

Why should he be treated differently than any other SEX offender?

  Jul 15, 2014 By     Kaylin

Attitude : Agree

NOW.....remove him from the bench. I have empathy for this man but, he needs to clean his own life first.

  Jul 15, 2014 By     Bruce Powers

Attitude : Neutral

....and who would believe a judge named Buddie?

  Nov 8, 2014 By     randy21mil

Attitude : Agree

Don't fall for this crap. This is obviously posted by some convict who didn't get the decision he was hoping for. Stop making up fake stories about people who just pissed you off.

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