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Posted : 7 Mar ,2013 by    Susan C.



Mr. Brown did a horrible job when he replaced our roof. He did a flashing job that has served to be a nightmare. The job was done in 2/2009 The flashing looked horrible and the appearance of this job take away from the appearance of our home. We have to date filed 3 complaints with better business bureau and he has failed to resolve anything. Mr. Brown never contacted us when we made attempts by requesting resolution to the issues addressed with him. AS of yesterday 03/26/2012 we know we have significant water damage! My husband called him with the contractor present and he informed him that there was significant water damage that had resulted due to his poor workmanship that is evident. He talked with my husband and agreed to meet regarding repair. He came out to our home. He had been up on the roof and stated he found where it was leaking. He stated the water damage was not his issue and would not even look at the inside water damage. This has resulted in my husband and I to take on putting more money into a roof that is leaking due to his poor workmanship staff. He admitted he was not even on the worksite the day the roof was put on. He tells us that the water damage is for us to deal with but if we touch anything then he will void his worthless 20 year warranty. He was here and my husband had felt initially he was reputable contractor but he moves around. He drives around with Brown Roofing Pickerington, Ohio but he live in Lithopolis and works actually now in Amanda, Ohio. He put that the BBB complaints were resolved and we never even received as much as a phone call from him when filing. I am not sure now the BBB is helping the consumer but they didn't help much with our situation. He came today to see about the leak and was going to "patch" it. My husband said he needed to correct the problem right. They disagreed and he then proceeded to threaten my husband with assaulting him. I would never feel right not to warn people about this man. I have never seen a man that acts in such a way as he does. Initially when this all started and I was unhappy with the flashing job he did he refused to do anything which included him saying he wasn't dealing with a woman? He would talk to my husband but not me. If he had came when I asked I am sure there would not of been the extensive water damage there is now. We just want to state that this is not a reputable roofer, do not use him because he does poor quality work and will not stand behind his work. He is truly the most unprofessional man I have ever dealt with in a business transaction. We are looking for nothing but repair for the damage that his work has caused. We trusted him with doing the roof on our home that has resulted in only more headaches to us. We trusted him and his worthless 20 year warranty roof, that if you independently touch voids all warranty. To deal with Mr. Brown is a total headache and I am not sure he is capable of doing quality workmanship. Mr. Brown told me he doesn't deal with women? So all I can say to that is, "Mr. Brown you will continue to deal with a woman because if the woman of the house isn't happy then nobody will be happy. Mr. Brown had ample opportunities requested of him to do the right thing but has failed to make that happen. He will call and call to get your business but has no time and/or not any interest to even show up on the day the job is done.

Brown's Roofing
200 Cedar Hill Rd NW
Amanda, OH 43102
Phone: (614) 837-3280


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