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Posted : 11 Oct ,2013 by    Sunny



Having researched Brightocular for the past 3 months in relation to changing my eye color from hazel to green, I am now very suspect on this company. They are big marketers, and it seems to be all hype with little real information. The color change surgery helps people change their eye color by artificial implant. in theory it sounds great.but after research I feel they could be a very dangerous scam! The company speaks about the procedure being safe (which is untrue) and makes statements like The BRIGHTOCULAR artificial iris implant is a United States invented device made of ophthalmic grade silicone which is used in intraocular lenses for decades throughout the world. BrightOcular is manufactured under Class-100 strictly controlled environment. The facility has ISO 13485 certification, which is one of the highest medical device manufacturing standards in the world however they fail to give you any further information to actually validate this statement to be true, you are to SIMPLY take their word for it!

I had questions relating their implant safety, and wanted verify their implant safety by a manufacturer guarantee, I also find their color choices not the best and wanted to know about getting colors altered to my requirements. I attempted to call them, several times in fact.THEY DO NOT ANSWER THEIR PHONES! If you attempt to call them will simply get their voice message, regardless of what time you call, day or night you- what kind of legitimate business do not answer their phones EVER!

If you want to pay them a visit; good luck with that too, there is no physical location or company office address listed anywhere to allow me to go into their premises to discuss this further . makes it easier for them if I go blind and attempt to actually locate them! VERY VERY SUSPICIOUS! buyer be very very AWARE.

1 310-957-2120


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