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Brandi Ewers Stading, Indiana


Posted : 10 Mar ,2014 by    Qc3



My husband started acting funny about a month before our first wedding anniversary he started coming home late from work and working every Saturday but I was so busy with our 3 children I really didn t think too much of it until 1 month after our wedding anniversary. He came home from work walked up to me said come upstairs I have to talk to you and then told me he wasn t in love with me anymore he wanted a divorce .. I was shocked, I was devastated. It felt as if my whole world was crumbling down on me. I ask him to leave please because the children and I have nowhere to go and he refuses! So not only does this man tell me this horrible news but I still have to live with him! Well a few nights pass with me sleeping on the couch and he leaves to go to his dads for the weekend with the children and Mothers Day was that Sunday. I told him to please have the children to me by 10am Sunday and he agreed. Well Sunday 10:30 comes around he s not back and he s not answering his phone. 11:30 same thing he finally shows up at 12:00pm with my children. Im so mad I could spit fire. Well I load the kids in my car and as soon as I get in the car my 5 yr old says hey mom I met daddy s girlfriend she stayed at papaws all weekend her names Brandi I automatically started crying. I knew right then and there it was his ex and she s married! She had her 2 kids with her at my father in laws too. So I pulled up my big girl panties wiped the tears and headed over to my moms house like nothing ever happened, hardest thing I have ever done I might add. When I got home he was home and boy was it a big fight! I asked him to please pack some of his stuff and go stay with her oh thats right you can t because she s married ! Well have you ever heard the saying hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? I got on fb did some investigating and found her husband told him what was going on and the poor guy had no clue. When her husband got mad and moved out she wanted to whoop my ass for telling him! I know, I know makes no sense! But anyways she is a homewrecker and a half and she needed to be exposed!


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