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Posted : 7 Feb ,2013 by    Christopher Volk



Don't let the new management fool you nothing in this place has changed. They are still putting in sub par materials and following a patch it up process for everything. The only time they will do anything the right was is when they legally have to. If I hadn't known what black mold looked like they would have just patched over the rotted stinking drywall in my shower. Don't bother complaining to the office about anything either, they will go out of their way to argue with you over every little thing. The only option they will give you with anything is "Give your 30 days notice". Horrible attitudes are the standard with Borchers rentals. This place does not care at all about the tenants it has, they only care about squeezing out every dime they can. If you care about your family do NOT rent from Borchers rentals.

Betty D Borchers
Borchers Rentals
603 W Walnut St Tipp City, OH 45371
(937) 667-6513


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