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Posted : 9 May ,2014 by    Koh25



I signed a contract with Billy Bears to paint my home using on the body and on the trim. It was very explicit that the home was to be back rolled as that is the correct painting process to insure proper distribution of paint. I have now notice many flaws in my paint such as un even coloration, and trim not matching. I called out a neighbor who is a former painter and he informed me that the house was not back rolled at all and that the paint used on my trim was, in fact, not the same colors. I then called out William Navarro owner who confirmed the trim was not matching. He stated some of the trim looked to be painted by a base white cheap paint such as. All lower level trim on the back of the house are painted incorrectly, the shed and some trim on the east side. None of the house was back rolled and the owner, William, will not return my emails. I contacted the employee who actually did the painting and was informed that they did not back roll because they where specifically informed by William not to and told to tell me they did, and that they changed the paint at the end of the job to what they had in the van because William didn't want to have to buy any more. He stated he felt bad about it but didn't want to lose his job by telling me about the issues or by doing it correctly. I was also informed by Billy bears that they where insurded, after they completed the job I found that the insurance had lapsed. Billy Bears has a sticker on the side of his van stating he's BBB accredited which is one of the reasons I chose him. He is, in fact, not BBB accredited based on BBB site. $1500 refund so I can hire another painter to fix the job. Do to a lack of integrity and deceitful, unethical practices I DO NOT want Billy Bears to step foot on my property again.

Billy Bears Painting & Contracting
Un-Published, Boise, ID 83704
Phone: (208) 859-7931
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